SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program

Are your clients feeding what is truly best for their horses?

Gastrointestinal health in horses is a hot-button topic among owners today. But too often, they are making feeding and management choices without consulting their veterinarian. And many lack accurate understanding of their horse’s state of health and the feeds and supplements they’re using.

Take the reins on managing digestive health in your clients’ horses.

Proactively maintaining optimal gastrointestinal health of your clients’ horses ensures you know what’s going in them and that it works. A trusted, natural product like SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning program contributes to:

  • Overall health and wellness for the horse – a healthy GI tract helps the entire body
  • Performance and breeding success – optimize nutrient uptake and energy usage
  • Ability to address root causes – maintaining health to avoid problems in the first place
  • Stronger client relationships – supporting your advisory role in your clients’ success
  • A healthy bottom line – providing ongoing revenue opportunities for your practice

A Natural, Nutritional Approach to Total Digestive Health

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is a patented formula that supports healthy gastrointestinal function and performance in horses. It helps maintain the health of the entire digestive tract through a simple, daily nutritional program that fits readily into your clients’ regular feeding and management regimens.

SUCCEED is as practical for large farms as well as the single horse owner, and it helps every kind of horse. And since it works naturally to help maintain ongoing digestive health, SUCCEED is an ideal adjunct to your own equine wellness program.

SUCCEED Paste and Granules


SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program Flyer

Download to read and print detailed product information for yourself and your clients.

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SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program Product Label

Review the package and labeling for SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program.

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A Study of Equine Ulcers and Dietary Supplements

Learn more about the SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program patented formula by downloading the whitepaper.

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Instructions for Use


Use daily for horses in situations where environment and care may adversely affect digestive health, such as:

  • For horses kept in stalls, fed intermittently on high grain diets, or facing the challenges of training and competition.
  • For mares during pregnancy and foals during weaning.
  • As part of a regular wellness program.


Feed SUCCEED twice each day for first week of use, once each day thereafter.

  • Paste – Empty contents of one tube (27 grams) on top of horse’s feed.
  • Granules – Sprinkle one scoop of SUCCEED granules on top of feed. Do not mix.

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