Education on Equine GI Health Management


We at Freedom Health are veterinarians, owners, trainers, and riders – just like you. We are on the ground in this industry, we care deeply for the wellbeing of the animals, and as such our goal is to improve the management and quality of life for horses and those who are responsible to care for them.

Ultimately that makes the horses in your care more successful in their careers and you more successful in your practice.

We have dedicated years and careers to increased and expanded understanding of equine gastrointestinal health and management.

We continually work with top veterinarians, educators, and professionals the world over as we focus in this highly specialized area.

The Veterinary Center Education section is dedicated to bringing you the most in-depth, up-to-date, and cutting edge information and research regarding equine digestive anatomy and veterinary care.

Equine GI Disease Library

The SUCCEED Veterinary Center Equine GI Disease Library provides the most in-depth and complete review of pathologies affecting the equine GI tract. The latest pathophysiology, presentation, diagnostics, and treatment information is offered for a range of conditions including gastritis, colitis and the underlying diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, parasitism, sarcomas, and much more. Visit the Equine GI Disease Library>>

*Note that the Disease Library is in its early stages and we are working to add articles for all common afflictions of the equine GI tract. 

Vet Center Blog

Read the latest news regarding equine GI research, SUCCEED product announcements, trials, and usage, and in-depth articles on equine GI health function, diagnostics, and care. Read the Vet Center Blog>>