SUCCEED® Equine Fecal Blood Test Kit

Detecting and differentiating between foregut and hindgut lesions is the first step in accurately diagnosing gastrointestinal conditions in horses.

The SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test (FBT) is an easy-to-use, affordable, and reliable field diagnostic tool that uses antibodies to detect occult blood components in equine feces. This allows veterinarians to determine whether GI tract bleeding is occurring, and whether that bleeding is in the foregut, hindgut or both.

SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test

Knowing whether occult blood is in a horse’s feces, and whether it originated in the foregut, hindgut, or both, provides for:

  • a faster, more accurate diagnosis
  • targeted, more effective treatments
  • a simple, affordable, non-invasive way to monitor digestive health
  • an ability to determine if , and what type of, additional diagnostics may be appropriate
  • an opportunity for early detection and early intervention

Thus, the SUCCEED FBT offers a unique tool to help equine caregivers manage the horse’s health and stay ahead of issues that can affect performance, behavior, and training. Read below to learn more about what’s in the kit; available only through veterinarians.

What’s in the SUCCEED® FBT Kit

Each FBT includes one complete test for one horse, including a plastic container (for collecting a sample), dual test cassette, sample pipette, polyethylene glove and instruction sheet.
In addition to the contents in the SUCCEED Fecal Blood Test kit, the test also requires clean tap water (approximately 3 ounces) and a fresh fecal sample from one horse.
The FBT is packed in a screw-top bottle, with 10 bottles per carton and 4 cartons per case. It is for use exclusively by veterinarians, who may obtain the kit through major veterinary supply distributors.

How the Equine Fecal Blood Test Works

The SUCCEED FBT is a dual antibody test. Both tests use equine-specific antibodies to detect the presence of blood components in a horse’s feces within a specific range that indicates a true pathological condition:

  • Test H – detects hemoglobin which may originate from anywhere in the GI tract

The dual test cassette works much like a pregnancy test. After applying two drops of the diluted fecal sample to each well, control lines will appear to indicate the test is working.

The appearance of a second line in either window within 15 minutes indicates a positive result for that test. Any line, no matter how faint, represents a positive.

When taken together, these results provide a reliable indication of GI tract injury (lesions, ulcers, inflammation or other damage to the mucosa that may produce albumin, hemoglobin or both). The nature of albumin and hemoglobin allows for differentiation of the source of that injury as well as some general indication of the severity.

Learn more about this antibody technology, how to read and understand test results, and how veterinarians may utilize results in the context of a full work-up.

Get Started with the SUCCEED® Equine Fecal Blood Test

The FBT is a useful, accurate, and inexpensive tool for regularly monitoring equine digestive wellness and for diagnosing GI Health conditions – in 15 minutes or less right in the barn aisle.

The SUCCEED FBT can be purchased through veterinary supply distributors.