Why Use the SUCCEED® FBT

The SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test for the differential diagnosis of gastrointestinal conditions in horses is a highly practical and beneficial tool in the veterinarian’s arsenal for assessing gut health.

The FBT uses equine-specific antibodies to detect albumin and hemoglobin in a fresh fecal sample. This can help veterinarians detect the presence of gastrointestinal injury and differentiate whether the foregut, hindgut, or both may be affected. The implications are beneficial to the veterinarian and owner, but most importantly to the horse. The FBT provides accurate, objective information:

  • before resorting to
    other diagnostics
  • without relying on
    symptoms only
  • before prescribing
  • and any time, allowing for early detection.

Practical Benefits of Using the FBT

The SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test is simple to use right there in the barn aisle. No expensive equipment, no specialized training, and no trip to a clinic required.

The FBT is thorough

The FBT provides valuable information regarding the health of a horse’s entire GI tract, not just a picture of a small portion.

The FBT is non-invasive

The only thing that will be needed from the horse for the FBT is a fresh fecal sample.

The FBT is inexpensive

The cost of purchasing and using the test kit is minimal for both the veterinarian and the horse owner.

The FBT is easy to use

Anyone can learn to run and read the FBT test kit by following the simple, step-by-step instructions.

However, the FBT is just one piece of the full diagnostic puzzle, which can only be evaluated by a licensed veterinarian.

fbt benefits

Diagnostic Benefits of Using the SUCCEED FBT

Conditions that affect a horse’s gastrointestinal tract vary widely in their causes and pathologies between the foregut or hindgut – and often present with similar or overlapping symptoms. Using the SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test to detect and differentiate between foregut and hindgut injury allows veterinary practitioners to:

Detect gut issues earlier

Some horses are stoic and don’t display the classic signs of digestive discomfort, while others may be suffering from low-grade hindgut inflammation that negatively impacts behavior and performance. The SUCCEED FBT is calibrated to detect true pathologies but with the sensitivity to pick up subclinical hindgut issues early.

Develop more effective treatments

Because the structure and function of the foreguts and hinguts are very different, they require targeted, localized treatments to be most effective – and to also avoid further exacerbating issues.

Monitor ongoing digestive wellness

The FBT provides a non-invasive and inexpensive way to regularly evaluate a horse’s digestive wellness to catch minor problems before they become serious issues. It may also be used to monitor progress during treatment for gastrointestinal conditions and other health problems that may impact gut health.

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