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Best Patients for SUCCEED Use

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Research shows that many of your clients may have digestive health concerns about their horses. The horse’s GI tract faces numerous challenges from common management practices including restricted turnout, intermittent feeding, high-grain diets, and the rigors of breeding, hard work, travel, and competition. Gastrointestinal health in horses is serious business in and of itself, and becomes increasingly critical with its far-reaching impact on overall wellness and behavior.

Clinical Applications and Benefits for SUCCEED

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is a natural, nutritional approach to managing total digestive wellness in horses. It’s a daily supplement program that aids nutrient absorption, protects the mucosal lining, supports a healthy immune system, and promotes hindgut health in the face of the challenges presented by care and performance. Because it’s a GRAS supplement and not a drug, SUCCEED does not test and usage does not need to be suspended either up to or during competition.

Veterinary professionals regularly recommend SUCCEED for the horses in their practices because it is backed by research, supported by science, and they’ve seen the results for themselves.

SUCCEED has been tested in multiple clinical applications and has independent peer-review on its efficacy, but regulatory bodies restrict that information to veterinarians only. Therefore, vets must access detailed trial data and application information in the SUCCEED Veterinary Center.

Horses that Benefit from Added Digestive Support with SUCCEED

While treatment approaches vary for specific digestive tract diseases, what characteristics would suggest a given horse is a good candidate for ongoing GI health support?

Independent clinical trials recently completed at the University of Glasgow (Scotland), as well as several studies performed by Freedom Health, have shown clear benefits of SUCCEED on gastric health in horses generally, on the immunity of pregnant mares and more.

To learn about these specific applications and trial results, log in to the SUCCEED Veterinary Center. Registration is simple and free.

Beyond this, any horse that faces the challenges of modern husbandry described above is a candidate for supplementation with SUCCEED. Candidates for ongoing support of digestive health may include:

  • Horses with a history of digestive health issues
  • Horses that appear to have nutritional deficiencies, especially when their diet is otherwise normal or “typical” for their level of activity and other lifestyle factors.
  • Horses that regularly present grain in their manure, which may indicate nutrient absorption inefficiencies.
  • Horses with clinical metrics within normal ranges but where performance or behavior are frequently sub-par.

SUCCEED Products for the Horses in Your Care

The original SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is available for purchase through veterinary supply distributors in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

Additionally, veterinarians based in the U.S.* may choose to recommend SUCCEED Veterinary Formula, an advanced formula that comes backed by our $15K Healthy Gut Commitment. Learn more about SUCCEED VF and the Healthy Gut Commitment in the SUCCEED Veterinary Center.

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