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Supporting the Digestive System With a Nutritional Supplement Programme

By Dr. Emma Hardy. Specific nutrition, feeding and management regimens are required to meet the high demands placed on today’s performance horse. A diet high in energy-dense non-structural carbohydrate, but often lacking in sufficient fibre and […]

The Need For a Reliable Diagnostic Test for GI Tract Disorders

By Dr. Emma Hardy. Extensive research conducted by Freedom Health LLC, and independently at the University of Glasgow School of Veterinary Medicine, is shifting the spotlight in equine gastrointestinal (GI) disease towards the hindgut, and […]

Colonic Ulcers – Overcoming the Diagnostic Challenge

By Dr Helen Warren. Despite the extensive research in EGUS, very little is known about colonic ulcers and inflammation, their incidence and effective treatment and prevention. Colonic ulceration can lead to similar performance-inhibiting effects as […]

The Equine Digestive System and the Importance of the Hindgut

By Dr. Helen Warren. The digestive tract of the horse has evolved to digest dietary fibre. It is well adapted to grazing and browsing forage feeds during numerous short feeding periods totalling around 16 to […]

The Need for Improved Diagnostics & Care in Equine GI Health Management

By Professor Derek Knottenbelt. Gastric ulceration appears to have increased in incidence over the last 90 years with a significant increase in the clinical recognition, treatment and welfare implication of the condition in horses, particularly […]

Best Patients for SUCCEED Use

Research shows that many of your clients may have digestive health concerns about their horses. The horse’s GI tract faces numerous challenges from common management practices including restricted turnout, intermittent feeding, high-grain diets, and the […]