SUCCEED® Veterinary Formula

What solution do you have for poor GI health in your clients’ horses?

You know that many of your clients’ horses are struggling with poor digestive health brought on by management practices and the rigors of breeding, training and competition. You may have tested with the SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test and gotten positive results indicating GI conditions. But what tool do you have in your arsenal for supporting equine digestive health in the face of the myriad of issues that challenge it?

Provide optimal GI health for horses and good business for your practice.

With SUCCEED Veterinary Formula, you get a trusted, natural approach to supporting GI health—plus a consistent, growing revenue stream for your practice. To keep your client’s horses healthy, maintain optimal gastrointestinal health with the one digestive product that is:

  • Patented—validated with multiple patents in the U.S. and worldwide.
  • Tested—evaluated in various clinical trials.
  • Supported—includes the industry’s best colic reimbursement program.

An Exclusive Product for Veterinarians

SUCCEED Veterinary Formula (VF) provides advanced support for the entire equine gastrointestinal tract using a natural, nutritional approach. Sold exclusively through veterinarians, SUCCEED VF builds on the foundation of the original SUCCEED formula with added amino acids to further support mucus production, healthy development of enterocytes and the biosynthesis of proteins that aid healthy muscle tone. And as a nutritional product, it does not test in competition horses.

With daily use, SUCCEED VF can help maintain the optimal GI health of your clients’ horses while generating a steady revenue stream for your practice.

Licensed for sale in the United States only.

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Veterinary Colic Reimbursement Program

Pays for colic treatment for any horse continuously on SUCCEED VF.

  • Up to $800 for medical colic care.
  • Up to $15,000 for colic surgery.
  • Horse must be on SUCCEED VF for at least 90 days.
  • Excludes colic unrelated to GI dysfunction.
  • Payments are made direct to you, the vet.


SUCCEED VF and Healthy Gut Commitment Program Flyer

Download to read and print detailed product information for yourself and your clients.

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SUCCEED Veterinary Formula Product Label

Review the package and labeling for SUCCEED Veterinary Formula.

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SUCCEED VF Information and Research

Detailed information on the ingredients, research, and testing behind SUCCEED Veterinary Formula.

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Instructions for Use


Use daily for horses in situations where environment and care may adversely affect digestive health, such as:

  • For horses kept in stalls, fed intermittently on high grain diets, or facing the challenges of training and competition.
  • For mares during pregnancy and foals during weaning.
  • As part of a regular wellness program.


Feed SUCCEED twice each day for first week of use, once each day thereafter.

  • Paste – Empty contents of one tube (26.5 grams) on top of horse’s feed.

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