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SUCCEED® Veterinary Center

The products and resources you need to take a better approach to equine GI health diagnostics and management.

Equine GI health—achieved.

GI pathologies affect the entire horse, from behavior and performance to immunity and cognitive function. The GI health experts at Freedom Health have created a natural approach to supporting and maintaining digestive health in your clients’ horses.

We help performance horses SUCCEED.

We provide natural digestive health support to performance horses affected by the stresses of training, traveling, competing, and breeding, diets that include grain, and limiting forage and turnout.

“I’m not a supplement person, but I believe in SUCCEED.”

Leah Mitchell, DVM

Vice President of Veterinary Medicine

With these GI health products:

We are focused on finding, perfecting and delivering superior, innovative products for GI problem identification and solution.

SUCCEED® Equine Fecal Blood Test™

A simple stall-side test that uses antibodies to detect the presence of GI injury in horses.

SUCCEED® Veterinary Formula

Advanced support for the health of the entire equine GI tract, sold exclusively through veterinarians.

SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program®

A simple, daily nutritional program that supports healthy GI function and performance in horses.

Trusted by equine veterinarians.

Succeed® Veterinary Formula

Backed by the Healthy Gut Commitment

The first colic reimbursement program in its class that sets the bar in supporting your practice.

  • Pays the vet up to $15,000 for colic surgery claims (the highest in the industry)
  • The only program to pay for medical colic calls (up to $800)
  • Pays the vet directly

Rooted in science. Supported by research.

From the very beginning, SUCCEED has been developed on a strong foundation of science and research and supported with extensive trials to test performance and clinical value. SUCCEED means science.

Peer Reviewed Studies

Freedom Health Research

Industry ARticles

Product Patents

Product Literature

Quick Research Takeaways:

Due to the nature of antibody chemistry, the test is generally very sensitive, leading to a low number of false positives. That has led to good correlations, especially on metrics such as accuracy, specificity and positive predictive value.

Freedom Health

Foals receiving SUCCEED paste for 90 days, from 10 days prior to weaning through 80 days after weaning, had significantly greater gains in body weight at days 30, 60, and 90 of the experimental period, when compared to the control animals.

by Scott Carter, PhD and Franklin L. Pellegrini, DVM

The noninferiority of Succeed compared to omeprazole at 90 days for the complete resolution of squamous ulceration and the reduced efficacy of omeprazole following 90 days of treatment are likely to be of interest to practitioners managing gastric ulceration in performance horses.

N.C. Kerbyson et al. / Journal of Equine Veterinary Science 40 (2016) 94–101


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