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SUCCEED® Equine Fecal Blood Test™

A simple, non-invasive and accurate tool to detect equine pathologies throughout the entire GI tract, including the hindgut.

Includes bottle, test cassette, pipette, and gloves.

A Significant Need for Better Equine GI Diagnostic Tools for Veterinarians

Digestive issues in horses extend well beyond the stomach. In 2003, Dr. Franklin Pellegrini conducted the first large-scale necropsy study of gastric and colonic ulcers. That study revealed a colonic ulceration incidence of 63 percent (Pellegrini, 2005).

Further research into topics such as the gut-brain connection, and relationships between feeding, stress, performance and GI disease, among other topics, reveals the significance of the hindgut. Unfortunately, options for diagnosing and managing the hindgut are limited.

The Only Tool to Identify Injury Throughout the Entire Equine GI Tract

The SUCCEED FBT is a simple, stall-side test you can use at the beginning of a diagnostic work-up to identify injury to the lining of the gastrointestinal tract. It detects components of blood loss in a fresh fecal sample and can help to differentiate if the problem is in the foregut, hindgut, or both.

Faster, more accurate diagnosis

Simple, affordable and non-invasive

Inexpensive and ideal for regular diagnostics and monitoring

Ability to determine if additional diagnostics are needed

Opportunity for early detection and intervention

No hauling to a clinic • No withholding food/water • No invasive procedures

Research Takeaway

Due to the nature of antibody chemistry, the test is generally very sensitive, leading to a low number of false positives. That has led to good correlations, especially on metrics such as accuracy, specificity and positive predictive value.

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Learn More About the SUCCEED® Equine Fecal Blood Test

This test is ideal to administer on horses that are struggling to perform to potential or showing clear signs of digestive issues. Because the test can be performed in minutes, it is possible to test a number of horses in a barn or other boarding environment in the course of a typical client visit. Given the ease and affordability of the SUCCEED FBT, practitioners can easily test when health and behavioral concerns arise, for health monitoring, or even as part of a pre-purchase examine.

Pathologies in the gut are often seen in horses that are:

  • Confined to a stall 6 or more hours a day
  • Exercised regularly, especially rigorously
  • Hauled to events or shows once per month or more
  • Fed two or three times per day
  • Used as a stallion or brood mare
  • Turned out to graze for less than 18
    hours per day
  • Restricted access to forage
  • Fed concentrates such as processed grain, pellets, or sweet feed
  • Foals facing the challenges of development, weaning or sales prep

The SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test allows veterinarians to begin the diagnostic process by ruling in digestive disease right away when a horse is underperforming, resisting training or showing clinical signs of a digestive problem. Perhaps most importantly, it accurately detects inflammation or lesions in a horse’s hindgut – which previously could only be seen definitively during surgery or at post mortem.

Your veterinarian will combine the FBT results with other diagnostic tests and measures, such as the horse’s history, gastroscopy, blood work or others, for making a complete diagnosis.

The SUCCEED FBT is a color-change test based on the reaction of antibodies to the presence of equine blood components hemoglobin and albumin. Color lines appear on the FBT strips when albumin or hemoglobin are present at levels that fall within a range carefully calibrated to reflect true pathological conditions.

A positive for the “A” test (albumin) indicates a hindgut source, while a positive for “H” (hemoglobin) could have originated from anywhere in the GI tract.

Each SUCCEED FBT kit includes one complete test for one horse, including:

  • a plastic container (for collecting a sample)
  • dual test cassette
  • sample pipette
  • polyethylene glove
  • instruction sheet


In addition to these contents in the kit, the test requires clean tap water (approximately 3 ounces) and a fresh fecal sample from one horse.

SUCCEED® Means Science

From the very beginning, SUCCEED has been developed on a strong foundation of science and research and supported with extensive trials to test performance and clinical value.

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All SUCCEED products are available for purchase through veterinary supply distributors for you to resell to your clients.

Your clients may also purchase SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program from local and online retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

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