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November 10, 2010

SUCCEED® Awarded Patent As Treatment for Equine Digestive Ulcers

The United States Patent and Trademark Office (US PTO) has issued a patent to Freedom Health, LLC, makers of SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program®, for the SUCCEED® formulation. U.S. Patent Number 7,824,706, for “dietary supplement and method for the treatment of digestive tract ulcers in equines” was granted on November 2, 2010. With this, SUCCEED® becomes the only product with a U.S. Patent for the treatment and prevention of both gastric and colonic ulcers in horses.

In the official 15-page patent document, the patent application is described relative to the SUCCEED® formulation as follows: “a novel dietary supplement and nutritional aid and methods for the manufacture and administration of the same are disclosed for the efficacious treatment of digestive tract ulcers in horses and other animals. The dietary supplement of the present invention is effective in treating and/or preventing gastric ulcers, and in treating colonic ulcers as well.”

The patent names the SUCCEED® inventors as Peter M. J. Bedding, PhD, the original formulator of SUCCEED®, and Franklin L. Pellegrini, DVM, currently Vice President, Veterinary Science, for Freedom Health.

“We are extremely proud of the tremendous work that went into not only creating this product,” said Pellegrini, “but into the patent application and process. This is a significant accomplishment and it really demonstrates the level of science and research that have been behind SUCCEED® since the very beginning.”

The patent application was originally filed in May 2003. As such, the patent represents a journey of more than seven years, along with extensive research, support and validation of claims. Much of this work is detailed in the full text of the SUCCEED® digestive ulcers patent document (PDF).

“The work of Drs. Bedding and Pellegrini to make this happen cannot be overstated,” said John Hall, President of Freedom Health. “They had the vision and the sheer will to see this through before Freedom Health was even established as a business. And now horse owners, riders and practitioners have additional evidence that SUCCEED® is a legitimate and proven option in their approaches to treatment and prevention of digestive tract ailments in horses.”

This recently awarded patent represents the second US patent for the SUCCEED® formula. United States Patent Number 7,658,964 was issued February 9, 2010, for “increasing the colostrum immunoglobulin (IgG) levels in equine mares.” Studies conducted in 2006, and referenced in the patent, showed significant increases in colostrum IgG levels of mares fed SUCCEED® 90-days prior to foaling, compared to mares not fed SUCCEED®. Colostrum IgG contains antibodies, important for providing newborn foals with protection from infection and other diseases, and in establishing the foal’s immunity. This patent verifies that SUCCEED® may be a useful tool for breeding farms or anyone involved in breeding horses. View the SUCCEED® colustrum IgG levels patent (PDF).

SUCCEED® Digestive Conditioning Program® is an official product sponsor of USEF, USDF and USEA. It is produced and distributed exclusively by Freedom Health, LLC of Aurora, Ohio. The company is focused on finding, perfecting and delivering superior, innovative products that address real and significant health-related issues for animals and the people who care for them.


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