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White Paper: Enteritis in Horses

Diagnosis and treatment, and why vets need to look further than the stomach

It is increasingly clear that gastric ulcers, and their diagnostic measures (scoping), and typical treatments (PPI, Sucralfate, etc.), represent only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to digestive disease in horses. Issues past the pylorus and throughout the intestines, especially among performance horses, are common and significant. As a result, when you are not proactively identifying and managing issues throughout the GI tract of your equine patients, your practice may be at risk.

As soon as veterinarians start looking beyond the stomach, the greater challenge begins. A wide range of poorly understood and difficult-to-diagnose intestinal pathologies exist with significant impacts on equine health and performance. This white paper explores the intricacies of diagnosing the specific etiologies contributing to enteritis in horses.

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