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Digestive health is the key to strong, healthy hooves.

When it comes to maintaining strong, healthy hooves, both the veterinarian and the farrier have something to bring to the table. The farrier plays a critical role in the horse’s hoof health, but beautiful, sound feet are the result of more than just regular trimming and shoe maintenance.

A strong hoof wall starts inside with optimal digestive health. The best farriers and veterinarians work together with horse owners and take a team approach to maintaining overall equine wellness. Supporting the horse’s GI health through good feeding and husbandry practices is the best method of maintaining healthy feet, in addition to the many other aspects of health and performance a client, vet, farrier team manages.

Recommend SUCCEED to your clients as a way to promote digestive wellness that supports better hoof health. Combined with your expert farrier work, the horses you care for will have the most beautiful and functional feet for whatever their lifestyle or discipline.

Learn More About the Gut-Hoof Connection

Explore the relationship between hoof and gastrointestinal health.







This white paper covers the following:

  • Factors that impact hoof health
  • Exploring the link between digestive health and hoof health
  • How good nutrition can lead to better hoof health
  • The challenge of digestive health in performance horses
  • The role of the SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program

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Feed for the Gut First and Hoof Health Will Follow

Are your clients feeding what’s truly best for their horses? As a skilled farrier, you can take a holistic approach to hoof health and maintenance by recommending SUCCEED to clients as a way to promote digestive health in their horses.

Tending well to the horse and its unique needs means maintaining clear communication and partnership with its owner. Ensure that your clients know the importance of good digestive health and nutrition in building strong, healthy hooves.

You can even suggest SUCCEED to the veterinarians you partner with.

Why Choose SUCCEED® for Strong, Healthy Hooves?


Take a nutritional approach to hoof health and overall wellness.
Farriers can work in partnership with veterinarians and owners to maintain good digestive health in the horses they manage. The key in the whole partnership is the SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program.

Using this trusted, natural product to manage digestive health in turn contributes to:

  • Immune health
  • Healthy hoof growth
  • Hoof hardness
  • Performance and breeding success
  • And more

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