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Every equine vet recognizes classic signs of digestive tract disorders. But research shows that the majority of performance horses are susceptible, while your ability to identify and address these issues is limited, at best.

That means there are horses in your care with clinical conditions going undiagnosed and untreated right now, today. And that means you and your practice are at risk.

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White Paper: Truth or Consequences

How equine GI health may be putting your practice at risk…and what to do about it.

Digestive problems in horses are more widespread than you may realize, thanks to the rigors of breeding, training and competition compounded by modern husbandry practices. It’s a real possibility you may be missing clinically significant GI pathologies in your patients–especially in the hindgut.

Get an in-depth look at the evidence showing digestive health is a significant issue for horses and for veterinarians. Then, discover new opportunities to provide better care for horses that address the entire GI tract and emphasize prevention.

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Equine Digestive Health and the Veterinary Practice

In this one-hour educational session with Dr. Emma Hardy you’ll learn about:

  • The importance of the equine gut to horses, to owners, and to equine veterinary practices.
  • Limitations in current diagnostic and treatment approaches.
  • Potential solutions for improved diagnostics and care.

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