AAEP Show Special: Free SUCCEED VF & FBT with Purchase of 3 Cases of VF

For equine digestive health, veterinarians turn to the SUCCEED Equine Fecal Blood Test (FBT) for a more accurate diagnosis and the SUCCEED Veterinary Formula (VF) for ongoing management and care.

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Buy 3 cases of SUCCEED® VF (9 cartons) and get 1 additional carton of VF and a 10-pack of SUCCEED-FBT FREE.

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Buy 3 Cases of VF, Get 1 VF Carton and 10-pack of FBT Free

What potential digestive conditions are you overlooking?

Ongoing research is clear: horses in your practice right now are likely suffering from GI problems significant enough to impact their health and performance. But, your ability to detect these conditions, especially in the hindgut, is limited.

You need a method to stay on top of the GI health of your equine patients – every horse, all the time.

With the SUCCEED FBT you can:

  • Identify pathologies that would otherwise go undetected
  • Catch issues early, before they progress to clinically significant conditions
  • Better determine if, and what type of, additional diagnostics may be appropriate
  • Develop targeted, more effective treatments
  • Regularly monitor the GI health of your equine patients with a simple, affordable and non-invasive tool

The SUCCEED FBT is for use exclusively by veterinarians. With our AAEP Special, you’ll get one pack of 10 FBT kits FREE with every 3 cases of SUCCEED VF you buy during the promotional period.

Learn more about the SUCCEED FBT


Maintain digestive health with SUCCEED Veterinary Formula.

Serious horse people know that managing digestive health means ensuring that the horse can effectively and efficiently absorb nutrients from its feed. And that’s why serious horse people the world over rely on SUCCEED, a nutritional approach to managing the horse’s complete digestive health.

With SUCCEED Veterinary Formula you can:

Get your patient’s digestive health in optimal condition and keep it that way by:

SDCPVF carton NEW 2017 rev4-no-shadow
  • Providing fuel for muscles and supplying nitrogen to the immune cells of the intestinal mucosa
  • Supporting the normal production of mucus in healthy animals, which coats the wall of the entire GI tract
  • Supporting healthy muscle tone and overall performance

Plus, SUCCEED VF includes the Healthy Gut Commitment veterinary colic reimbursement program.

Learn more about the SUCCEED VF and the Healthy Gut Commitment.

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